Too hot To eat?!

door Karina Sandvliet


Here is some cold soup that makes that sunny day a little bit brighter.

All you need
750 gr romatomatoes
1 cucumber
1 sweat pointed pepper
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1 lime
1 can tomatopure

Have to add
3 tablespoons oliveoil
Fresh parsley
Salt and pepper
And freshly made croutons

Chop all the vegetables in little pieces.
Keep 1/4 a side. Mix the rest in one bowl with the garlic, lime juice and oil with salt and pepper to your taste. Then put it in a foodprocessor.

I like my gazpacho very cold so i let it in de refrigerator for a few hours.

Then eat it with the rest of the chopped up veggies, croutons and a little bit of oil. Jammy!!